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Welcome to this website, dedicated to photography and specifically to liquid art photography. 

You may be familiar with my underwater photography work (, and probably less my work about high-speed photography. Don't worry about that, this is quite normal, because I only discovered this new activity in September 2012.  That's  why i decided to dedicate a specific website to this.

This website presents my work in different areas of the high-speed photography : from water drop splashes, smoke photography, to simple life's subjects that I want to share with you today. This site is more generalistic than the one dedicated to underwater photography, and I wish you much pleasure to discover this one, as much as i had to realize it.

You also can follow my work on my Liquid Art Facebook page, and Flickr gallery.  

Do not hesitate to contact me on the contact form, to let me know your feedback about this website and the pictures.  

I wish you a pleasant visit and hope you will enjoy browsing this  Liquid Art photography website. 


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Liquid Art by Helene Caillaud


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