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Written by Hélène   
Sunday, 26 May 2013 00:00


Because of my fascination with underwater photography for more than 10 years, I am used to paying attention to macro subjects. Their variety, their colors and esthetism made me become a big  fan of small critters. 

Then i realized at the same time how difficult it was  to observe tiny critters with the naked eye, and how  it  was easy to look at the same tiny critters on the camera, once the pictures have been taken.  I really got into it during the last five years, and decided to continue to photograph invisible critters in order to share pictures  around me.

But what has it got to do with Liquid Art Photography ?

It's quite simple, and you'll see that we might draw the same analogy to macro underwater photography.

Everything started when i decided to participate in a contest, organized by my employer. The theme was "Water".  It's Hard work to find an underwater picture where water element is clearly visible… Well, except for "mid-air, mid-water" pictures, it's impossible to see water element in an underwater picture. So i looked at water pictures on internet, tutorials, and then i saw a water drop tutorial and i started to make a few pictures. I was very satisfied with the first results.

Here is my first water drop picture, which won the contest 


So, one thing led to another, by looking at tutorials on internet, i came across pictures of Corrie White, Markus Reugels, and other famous water drop photographers who began photographing waterdrops a few years ago.

By looking at their pictures, i realized at the same time that i would be addicted by this new activity.

Then i have practiced a lot during several months (since december 2012), enough time to understand that water collision was difficult to observe with a naked eye, and that High Speed Photography allows to observe a fantastic show : amazing shapes, colors,  so attractive… Like underwater photography.

In the end, i realized that water drop photography was quite similar to underwater photography : discovering the amazing nature that the eye cannot see by itself. 

And now, the adventure continues by showing you my first pictures on this website.

I hope to discover many many things in the future. This activity seems to be an infinite area of imagination.

Now you know everything, do not hesitate to contact me for any question or if you wish to give feedback about the website. Many Thanks.

You can also follow my work on Facebook and Flickr.   


  • Nikon D610
  • Flashes Nikon SB 700 and Yongnuo 560
  • Macro lenses : 60 mm, 85 mm, 105 mm
  • Cognisys waterdrop system : Stopshot


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